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The ending has not yet been written.

Recent Entries

2/24/05 08:57 pm - oo2

I took the boat to the mainland, and now I don't know where I am. I didn't tell Anya or anything, either. I didn't mean to sneak off, it just kind of...happened.

Uh oh. I hope there isn't anything hostile in the area. I need to get back to Anya somehow.

2/14/05 01:06 pm - oo1

I found this over at the memory chamber earlier. Empty, so I hope whoever had it before doesn't mind if I use it.

This is odd, though... Something doesn't look right about the environment. I noticed it while I was feeding the butterflies this morning. Anya believes me, but she doesn't know what's going on either.

I think my necklace is broken. It's not showing me anything. Or maybe there's nothing important for me to see.

2/9/05 10:24 pm

Just a bit of a test.
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